Plumbing & Electrical

At Lumbards we have an extensive range of DIY plumbing fittings and tools. From traditional copper and brass fittings, PVC waste pipe and fittings, underground water pipe and fittings to SpeedFit pipe and connectors, toilet and cistern fittings, shower heads and rails and specialist tools such as pipe bending springs, solder and compounds and tap and pipe wrenches.

What we offer

Our electrical department is also well stocked with plugs, sockets, switches, fuses, wall boxes, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, junction boxes and connectors, timers, security lights, extension leads, LED bulbs and tubes, florescent tubes, cooker and fridge bulbs, cable clips and a large variety of electrical cable sold by the meter.


We also have a range of TV and satellite cables, connectors, HD leads, computer cables and audio leads.

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